dated 2021 until 2022 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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The Witch's Cabin


The Witch's Cabin, Oil Painting on Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021.

'I heard there's a witch living in these enchanted forests and her healing powers are very strong. At night, the spirits of the forest come out and they shine as bright as the moonlight, some even brighter. The spirits enjoy the company of the witch, they are playing with her. Or is she playing with them? I hope that one day I can travel there so the witch might want to try and heal me'.

Just Orbs?


Just Orbs?, Oil Painting on Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021.

'Deeper into the forest, you will find that it is dark and you’re left with nothing but your own mind and courage to challenge you to go further. Strangely somehow, it’s like the forest knows that I need some guidance and strength to find my path. Suddenly these orbs are appearing everywhere, shining so bright that I can even look further into the distance and find more lights showing the way. Their energy is strong, warm and peaceful and they give me a feeling like everything will be fine somehow. This is truly a magical, enchanted forest and I wonder what these orbs really are. Are they spirits of the forest or are they just… orbs?'

The Gate


The Gate, Oil Painting on Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021.

'Suddenly this magical place appears, or have I been dreaming about it? It feels energetic and powerful, hauntingly beautiful. I'm attracted to it, but for somehow I feel that I definitely should not enter. Could this really be the gate of the lost spirits? I've heard of it, but never in my dreams have I thought I would see it. It's a gate that should only be entered by lost spirits, never by mortals. There is no way back, which is for the better. Lost spirits will finally find their rest and forever peace. It should happen on Samhain, when lost spirits are most restless. I really do hope they will find their peace, wouldn't want to be in their shoes... When you can't find the gate yourself, showing them an image of this gate should be enough for them to realise where they should go. I wish them a safe journey.'

The Universe Is Calling


Oil painting on canvas, Merel van Eck 2022.

The Universe Is Calling. You can't deny it.

The Secret Cave


The Secret Cave, Oil Painting On Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021. 

'This cave was built in a secret place. It's meant as a safe spot where you can hide and run away from reality. The world outside can be a bright place, if you can see it. If you can reach it. Sometimes you just can't and that's why it was built. The crystals are the bright and happy memories you can turn to and that will reload your energy. Only a great sorcerer or witch with a pure heart and good intentions can find the entrance of the cave. As it's only their powers that can save and heal the wounded.'

The Witch Tree


The Witch Tree, Oil Painting on Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021.

That’s an odd looking tree! ‘That’s because it’s not really a tree… It’s called The Witch Tree and some say it has magical powers. It works like a mirror and shows you what’s in your mind, helps you to find your path when you’re lost. It doesn’t need to be visually, it can also be sounds or lost memories from the past to help you find your way. If you’re lucky, it will even show you a future path you can take. If that happens, it will suddenly appear in front of you and it can disappear in an eye blink if you’re not fast enough making a choice. The flowers are lost spirits that have found their rest at this magical place. The orbs are there to protect you’. Wait, to protect me? ‘Well, you never know what will, or can happen…’

Castle For My Thoughts


Castle For My Thoughts, Oil Painting On Canvas, Merel van Eck 2021. 

'Sometimes I just need a place to hide where I can be left alone with my thoughts, a safe and empty place. Sometimes I need to hide from my own thoughts. And sometimes, this safe place is right in front of me. I just couldn’t see it, because my thoughts were cloudy. On empty and lonely days, I just let myself drift away on this calm river and see where it is leading me. After all, things can look really differently on the other side of the river. No matter how I’m feeling, I’d just always like to be in a safe and beautiful place where I can think what I’m thinking. I want a castle for my thoughts.'

Deepest Sorrow


Oil Painting on Canvas, Merel van Eck 2022.